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Woodchip Basket
SD186-2 Woodchip magazine set of 2
(16x10 1/2 OPENING)11DPx18HH(17x9 bottom)
Willow Basket
SU115-3 Dark Willow Shop set of 3
13"Lx11Wx4DPx13HH to 17 1/2"Lx16Wx6DPx17HH
bamboo baskets
SO952-3S Slatted BAMBOO Square Shop Stained set of 3
7.5"sq(5"sq opening)*4.5dp*12.5HH to 12"sq(8.5"sq opening)*4.5"dp*15.5"HH
willow basket
SG01-3 Sea Grass/Vine shop set of 3
8"L*6"W*3 1/2dp*10HH to 10"L*8"W*4"dp*12"HH
willow princess basket
SW72-3 Princess Basket
11"L x 8"W x 3.5"DP x 11"H to 13"L x 11.5"W x 4"DP x 13.5"H
willow basket
SW101-2 Willow Shop s/2
13"L x 10"W x 5"DP x 14"H to 16"L x 12"W x 6"DP x 16"H
woodchip baskets
SD17-3 - Woodchip set of 3
7"sq*4 1/2-5"dp*11"HH to 12"sq*5 1/2-7"dp*14"HH
woodchip basket
SD48-2 woodchip movable handle
12"DIA x 5.5"DP x 12.5"HH to 14"DIA x 6"DP x 14"H
willow rope basket
SB22-3 Maize/Willow 10"L* 9.5W *4dp *12HH to 15 3/4L * 14.5W * 5.5dp * 16HH
bark basket
SK76-3 W Bark Shop set of 3
6"DIA x 4"DP x 12" H to 10"DIA x 4"DP x 12.5"H
woodchip baskets
SD20-3 Woodchip Basket
7"dia*5.5dp*12"HH to 10"dia*6"dp*13"HH
willow baskets
SW117-2 Light Willow Rect set of 2
12"Lx9"Wx5 1/2"DPx13 1/2"HH to 14"Lx11"Wx6DPx15"HH
willow baskets
SW911-3GLD Willow Painted Gold
9 1/2"Lx7Wx4-5"DPx12 1/2"HH to 14"Lx11Wx6-7"DPx17"HH
bamboo basket
SO12-1W Bamboo Flower Girl/Princess Basket
9"L x 6"W x 3.5DP x 11"HH

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